Our services

Our services are varied but integrated and include the following: –
Civil and Construction Engineering
Our specialization include building of all types, foundation construction, water borehole drilling and distribution lines, land clearing and preparation works, building/industrial structure maintenance, renovation and modification works, roads and highway construction and maintenance works.

Composite Pipe Repairs
We specialized in the use of fiber materials and specially prepared resin in the repairs of G.R.E Piping, oil and gas pipeline. Composite Pipe repairs can cope with any pressure requirements without shutdown.

Electrical Engineering and Consultancy
We have the capability to handle electrical projects such as high and low voltage installations for residential, commercial, industrial and oil field locations. We design and install lighting and power distribution system, switch board/electrical panels, power transformers’ installation, standby generating systems, UPS, rural electrification, safety electrical system, air conditioning, borehole water pumping/distribution system etc. and, Consultancy on project development.

Fabrication/Structural Engineering
We handle fabrication and Structural Engineering Works, pipefittings, steel plates, pipeline leakage repairs, fabrications, and erection of towers/water and oil storage tanks etc.

Manufacturer Representative/Procurement/Supply Services
We have reputable network of local and international network of manufacturers and suppliers of industrial goods, spare parts, equipment and raw materials.

Leasing Services
We provide convenience financing and ease cash flow problems for our clients through our leasing services. These cover operational vehicles, office equipment, machinery and plant etc, to suit individual client needs